Sensitive Data Manager, Identity Finder solves today's data protection challenges by giving your organization the tools it needs to safeguard sensitive data against the sophisticated, intrusive and hard to defend attacks that are the most costly. Sensitive Data Manager can be used to find data such as social security and credit card numbers by employing contextual search technology that goes beyond fingerprint and pattern or regex style searching. To find out more and/or to purchase Sensitive Data Manager go to

  • Tips on Recognizing and Avoiding Phishing Emails
    TECHNews: Using the Hovering Technique to Identify Phishing Attacks
    Phishing emails often disguise themselves as originating from known sources such as IT, your bank, the IRS as well as countless others. Follow this link to learn how to recognize and avoid phishing.
  • Mississippi Data Breach Notification Law effective 7/1/2011
  • Security Awareness Seminars (in ppt file)
  • To register a Server or Workstation Please log into portal via, then find "Technology" category, expand the "8 App", select "Campus Server Registration"
  • How to obtain your hardware, (MAC) address: