Security Tools

The Office of Information Technology recommends using a variety of tools to help keep your data safe and devices secure. Consider each category below as important to your overall information protection strategy. UM is not responsible for issues or support related to these third-party resources. This page is updated regularly; contact us with suggestions.

Protect Email, Devices, Documents, and USB Drives

Encrypt Individual Messages

Encrypt the Whole Device

Encrypt Individual Documents

  • Adobe PDF  Native Acrobat X+
  • Microsoft Office  Native Office 2013+
  • 7-Zip  Open Source Multi-OS All File Types
  • Encrypt Removable Drives

  • Mac Disk Utility  Native macOS 10.7+ Store Encryption Keys - myOleMiss
  • Microsoft BitLocker  Native Windows 10 (not Home Edition) Store Encryption Keys - myOleMiss
  • VeraCrypt  Open Source Win Mac Linux Store Encryption Keys - myOleMiss
  • Securely Erase Files and Physically Destroy Disks

  • DBAN  Free Bootable ISO
  • UM Procurement  On Campus Supported
  • Prevent Network Intrusions and Malicious Software

  • Malwarebytes  Free Personal Win Mac
  • Sophos  IT Provided Win Mac Linux Supported
  • Easily Generate and Retrieve Secure Passwords & MFA Codes

  • 1Password  Cloud Multi-OS
  • Bitwarden  Open Source Cloud Multi-OS
  • KeePass   Open Source Multi-OS
  • Keeper   Cloud Multi-OS
  • LastPass  Free Personal Cloud Multi-OS
  • RoboForm  Free Personal Cloud Multi-OS
  • Password Generator  
  • UM Approved Storage and File Sharing Services

  • UM Box  IT Provided Cloud Supported
  • Google Drive  IT Provided Cloud Supported
  • Secure Doc Exchange  IT Provided Supported
  • Platform Security Chart  UM Policy Supported
  • Departmental Information Security Audit Checklists & Templates